Rich Jankovich

Four generations of my family call Manhattan their home. We are deeply rooted and are serving our community in various ways. My reason for entering the city commission race is not only to maintain the high standards that our community is known for, but to make improvements in some areas and create new services as needed with the desire to represent all citizens of Manhattan. We must look toward the future with a:

Positive, Responsible Vision for Manhattan

• My goal, if elected, is to help Manhattan recover from the effects of the COVID pandemic and return to the vibrant community that we all know and love. I believe that I have the strong, experienced and positive leadership that is needed to reach this goal. I look forward to meeting more citizens of Manhattan to answer their questions and discuss their concerns.

• Many of you know me as "The Airport Guy", or "The Commissioner", or perhaps an "Advocate". Or you may know me as a "Friend", "Husband", "Father", "Son", "Grandfather" or "Tim's Brother"! Regardless of my various titles, I am a proud citizen of Manhattan and a trusted representative of all citizens.

35+ years as a commercial banker have presented many opportunities for me to assist Manhattan and surrounding communities with city and school district financial issues.

• While working as a member of an entrepreneurial family that owned and operated a business in Manhattan for many years, I acquired a good understanding of what a business needs to have continued growth, avenues to capital and methods for improving operations.

My commitment to improving our workforce led me to join the Manhattan Workforce Center Advisory Board. The efforts of this board focus on improving the quality of employees, providing resources for job seekers and offering opportunities for local businesses to receive enhanced training in these areas.

For 17 years, I have been privileged to work closely with the Manhattan City Administration, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, the Riley County Police Department and other regional partners. These relationships at the local, regional, state and federal levels will provide a future base of resources for our community.

Manhattan's local businesses are the HEART AND SOUL of our community. They provide unique retail shopping and service locations. They give generously with their time and money when asked by local Clubs, Organizations and Teams.

I pledge to be fiscally responsible, socially aware, solutions oriented and I will bring positive leadership to Manhattan.

I am respectfully asking for your support and vote on November 2nd.